VULPIANO RECORDS, Vladee Divacc – Hoop Dreamz EP

Vladee DivaccHoop Dreamz EP (VULP-0020) is the newest musical endeavor from Christian Filardo (Panda steps in chocolate, Orioles) and the first instance of what Filardo has dubbed as “dunkwave”, a dark, experimental, and basketball-centric form of music, perhaps best described over at Huevos as “If you can imagine David Lynch filming and producing an NBA game, this EP would probably come close to how it would sound.” Treading the line between quirky and downright jarring, you can be sure you’ve not heard anything quite like dunkwave.

Download here on Internet Archive:


Vladee Divacc: | Dunkwave Facebook Page


1. Chris Mullin

2. Expansion Teams

3. Phoenix Suns

4. Hoop Dreamz

5. John Stockton

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