VULPIANO RECORDS, Richey Hackett – Void Songs (VULP-0019)

Void Songs (VULP-0019) is British artist Richey Hackett’s seventh album overall, and third release for Vulpiano Records, the previous two being the single from this album, “Softly, Slowly”, and a compilation of previous material, An Introduction to Richey Hackett. The album as described by Hackett is “an experiment outside my comfort zone to see if I could make an entire album without using guitars” and “an examination of all my worst fears, hence why it’s the darkest record I’ve ever made”, a record of his new exploration of incorporating electronics into his music.

The music here ranges from plodding and industrial-tinged (“Inevitable”, “Bad Dream”) to crunchy, catchy electronics (“Face”, “Softly, Slowly”), dark lyrical themes spread throughout. Void Songs is one of Hackett’s best releases yet, vastly different from his other material not only by virtue of the new electronic element, but the promising direction this work appears to betoken for the future of his music.

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1. Inevitable

2. Drowned

3. Face

4. Mute

5. Bad Dream

6. Last Words

7. Softly, Slowly

8. Planes Over Hong Kong

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