VULPIANO RECORDS, Tiny Tide – Baltic Avenue (VULP-0018)

Baltic Avenue (VULP-0018) is Italian pop-rock group Tiny Tide’s second offering on Vulpiano Records, the first being the single “The Smiths & The Cure”. The album was originally to be titled Gasoline Alley, says Mark Zonda: “since I was born and I still live in there, but I don’t want to be confused with the Rod Stewart album and song”, which is also pictured on the front cover. Baltic Avenue was cooked up especially for Vulpiano, a charmingly rustic, Beatles-inspired EP.

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Zonda’s words on the songs’ themes:

“Baltic Avenue” is the name of the cheapest way in Monopoli.
Naming the album as a road familiar to everyone was a tribute to The Beatles’ Abbey Road. The whole EP is, telling the truth, telling in 5 tracks the story of these guys becoming famous, reaching the top to slowly see it fading away. Isn’t it a bit a wider metaphor for life?

“Right Now” is the big hit that made’em famous, a coral song about living our best – still boring – days as well

“I Need Somebody” is from the point of view of John, being sick of celebrity

“Times of trouble” is a sad reflection from Paul with the awareness of losing the great magic that’s about to fade

“… and the stars” Is George having his revenge, reaching his top as songwriter and success.

“Far Away” is about a person (Paul?) living his last days of his life being kissed by a magic song goodbye.

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1. Right Now

2. I Need Somebody

3. Times of Troubles

4. …And the Stars

5. Far Away

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