VULPIANO RECORDS, Year of the Tiger – Electric (VULP-0014)

VULP-0014 is Year of the Tiger’s (from Brooklyn, Henry Ivry from IVRY and Sable Yong AKA Spaghetti Western) debut digital single + b-side, “Electric / Make it Work”. This band is responsible for the first time i used larger font and all-caps to describe an independent artist submission (“WHOA NOW!!!”) in an A Future in Noise review, I was so impressed by the sheer coolness of the demo they sent along! If you want to hear crunchy, tasty electro-poppy goodness, you’re going to want to sink your teeth into “Electric” and b-side “Make It Work”!

Download here on Internet Archive

Mirror on Mediafire:

Year of the Tiger: MySpace | | Tumblr

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