VULPIANO RECORDS, Ava Zandieh – Patterns and Drones (VULP-0009)

Vulpiano Records release VULP-0009, Ava Zandieh – Patterns and Drones. Ava (rackandruin on Tumblr) came across Vulpiano Records through me posting about it (as neonsigh). She introduced me to the project which she recorded for International Album Making Month in October of 2009. Patterns and Drones is the final version of that album, with some of the original songs included, some reworked, and brand new ones added in. Patterns and Drones is primarily piano-based and made ethereal through Ava’s soulful, yet light and airy vocals. Peaceful, yet introspective and somber, this album is one of our loveliest releases yet, and one that bears repeated listening.

Download it here on Internet Archive

Mirror on Mediafire

Ava Zandieh: INAMM

Recommended Tracks: “Calendula” and “Any Moment Now”

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