VULPIANO RECORDS, Anton Rothschild – Year of the Kitten (VULP-0007)

Vulpiano Records release VULP-0007, Anton Rothschild’s The Year of the Kitten. An expert blend of poppy and electronic elements with a dash of melancholy from the start in title track “The Year of the Kitten”, Anton’s newest release is one of his best and certainly an EP I am proud to have part of the catalog here. Anton, also affiliated with the consistently excellent Dainty Records (including release The Diffident, a top independent artist release of 2009 at A Future in Noise) is a master of the melancholy, as his bio states: “the bleak heart of his music is nestled delicately within a blanket of cathartic, almost uplifting compositions”. “Eurostentialism” and “The Completist” are truly danceable, while “A Town Beside the Sea” turns the mood more somber and introspective and “Mouser” closes out The Year of the Kitten with a glimmer of hope and calm. My favorite EP of 2010 thus far!

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Anton Rothschild: | MySpace Music

Recommended Tracks: “The Year of the Kitten” and “Eurostentialism”


1. The Year of the Kitten

2. Eurostentialism

3. The Completist

4. A Town Beside the Sea

5. Mouser

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