VULPIANO RECORDS, Vito Genovese – Dead Ends and Fire Extinguishers (VULP-0006)

tumblr_kwm4dvqPSC1qaikyto1_400Vulpiano Records release VULP-0006, Vito Genovese – Dead Ends and Fire Extinguishers! Known primarily for a slew of electronic releases on Rate Your Music, Vito has recently put out what is surely his best album yet, blending harrowing lo-fi electronic elements with chugging white noise like steam, and more modern ambient-electronic pieces like “Rainy Bus Stop Afternoon” and “Warehouse Blues”. Recommended for any fan of ambient/electronic and video game soundtracks – download here!

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Vito Genovese:


1. Overture Free Spirit
2. Post
3. Videocassette Recorder
4. Comfortable Boil
5. Rainy Bus Stop Afternoon
6. The Castle Arsonist, pt. 2
7. The Apocalypse Spin
8. Circus Mouse
9. Trip Down the Stairs
10. Yankees in the Pool
11. Carve
12. The Loiacanos, pt. 1
13. The Loiacanos, pt. 2
14. Dark Bedtime Story
15. He Visited Me Again
16. Warehouse Blues
17. The Autumn Swingset
18. Oh! Vintage!
19. Lagoon
20. Robbed!

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