VULPIANO RECORDS, Calvin Markus – Three Days of Sound: Music From the Film (VULP-0005)

Three Days of Sound: Music From the Film (VULP-0005). Calvin Markus is an artist that has featured several times on A Future in Noise in the past, through his work in Dead Times (see also this interview). His most recent work is the soundtrack to the forthcoming film Three Days of Sound (view trailer on Vimeo here). Characteristic of his work in Dead Times, otherworldly, trippy, and soulful, the music seems a perfect fit for this film with a curious concept: “A middle aged, anti-social writer lives his life in seclusion. The tall, open windows in his apartment allow him to observe the bizarre world around him. He documents his dreams and thoughts onto paper using his IBM Selectric. One day, a pesky distraction catches him off guard and he is thrust into pure agony; the complete loss of his hearing in three days. He struggles to find meaning, as the mysteries of himself and the secluded universe around him unfold before his eyes.”

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Recommended track: “Dilated Nothingness”

Calvin Markus: | MySpace Music


1. Contrast
2. Dilated Nothingness
3. Glass
4. Lost Thoughts
5. Lows
6. Manic
7. Minimal
8. Odds
9. Piano Exit
10. Walls
11. Wander

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