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Chaostrophy :artworks inspired by the music and history of the band Coil

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My video collage collaboration with Dan Wreck will be appearing in the premiere exhibition at LUDWIG in Berlin, June 17th 2016 – July 23rd 2016. Can’t make it to Germany? You can still watch the video here.

CHAOSTROPHY :artworks inspired by the band Coil

17.06.2016 – 23.07.2016

Anzengruberstr. 3, 12043 Berlin
curated by Ceven Knowles

The music of Coil spanned over twenty-two years with fifteen studio albums, nine live albums, ten compilations, and dozens of Eps and singles, not to mention different aliases, side projects, and other collaborations. Founding members, John Balance (February 16, 1962 – November 13, 2004) and Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson (February 27, 1955 – November 10, 2010) created a rich body of work that came to also include members: Stephen Thrower, Drew McDowell, William Breeze, Thighpaulsandra, Ossian Brown and countless other guest musicians and singers. Their ever-evolving sound and presence became a legacy deeply respected by artists, musicians, and occultists around the world. Rather than a retrospective of the band’s output this exhibition focuses on original visual and audio artworks, photographs, texts, performances and personal reflections as a tribute.

This serves as the opening exhibition at LUDWIG a new gallery, small event venue, culture house, and bar in Berlin Neukölln spread over three large rooms covering 114 square meters. Over the weeks of the exhibition online video documentaries, live streaming events and other materials giving portraits the artists involved and their contributions will be released online for those who cannot be in Berlin can experience as well.

Contributing Artists

Sabatino Cersosimo (Germany)
Lin Chiwei (Taiwan)
Phillip Cooper (UK)
Lucero Milchorena (Mexico)
Edgar Invoker (Russia)

Drawings, Prints, Mixed Media, Collage:
Dominique Bloink (USA)
Brett Despotovich (Canada)
Zoe DeWitt (Austria)
Jeremy Dziedzic (USA)
Florian-Ayala Fauna (USA)
Russell McEwan (Scotland)
Daniel McKernan (USA)

Alexander Brattell (UK)
Juston Ds (UK)
Stefano Di Felice (Italy)
Jan Großer (Germany)
Kai Lübbe (U.S.A.)
Uolevi Suntio (UK)
Keiko Yoshida (Japan)

Ana Ceeh (Russia)
Ghost Twin (Canada)
Hawthornn (UK)
Ceven Knowles (Germany)
Micki Pellerano (U.S.A)
Pier Giorgio de Pinto (Switzerland)*
Marilyn Roxie (U.S.A.)
Julieta Triangular (U.S.A)

*with photographic prints as installation

Anthony Blokdijk (Holland)

Wajid Yaseen (UK)
Zoe DeWitt (Austria)
Matthew Levi Stevens (UK)
Adam Czarnecki (Poland)
Daniel McKernan (USA)
Royksopp (Norway)
Ruby (Scotland)
Electrosexual (Germany)
ZSLO (Taiwan)

Live & Performance:
The Tapeworm
Thee Balancer
Emre Busse & Tommy Vowles
Jan Noll

17.06.2016 at 18:00 with
Performances and Artist Talks begin at 20:00
Emre Busse & Tommy Vowles
Brett Despovitch
Ceven Knowles
The Tapeworm
Thee Balancer

23.07.2016 @ 18:00
DJ Jan Noll

For more information please contact Ceven Knowles


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Marilyn Roxie and Neurotic Wreck – “Obsidian Offerings”

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Video art installation for upcoming exhibition CHAOSTROPHY and tribute to Jhonn Balance of Coil.

CHAOSTROPHY : artworks inspired by the music and history of the band COIL Group exhibition curated by Ceven Knowles for LUDWIG, Anzengruberstr. 3, 12043 Berlin 17.06.2016 – 24.07.2016.

More details here:

Video by Marilyn Roxie
Music by Neurotic Wreck

Public Domain Image Credits:

Title Illustration by Austin Osman Spare from Page 34 of Behind the Veil (1906)

Angel trumpeter image from page 205 of The Pilgrim’s Progress From This World To That Which Is To Come” (1905)

Obsidian mirror image from page 301 of The Sanitary News : Healthy Homes and Healthy Living : A Weekly Journal of Sanitary Science (1886)

Moon image from page 941 of Handbook of Nature-Study for Teachers and Parents, Based on the Cornell Nature-Study Leaflets (1911)

Hieroglyphic Monad from Cover of Monas Hieroglyphica (1591)

All via Internet Archive

Smoke 1, Smoke 2, and Smoke 3 //FREE FOOTAGE\ by VFX Footage

Clouds by Lee Erickson

Fire Tests by Hayden Stone

Forest by Niklaus Gerber

All licensed Creative Commons Attribution on Vimeo

Title font: Witchqueen by Anna Antrophy

Credits font: Aaargh by Tup Wanders


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Photos by Marilyn Roxie

Music Video Showing at Re/Action Exhibition at SF State, 4/21

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My music video for Neurotic Wreck – “Funeral of Roses” will be on display in the Cesar Chavez Student Center Art Gallery exhibition Re/Action, opening 4/21 from 5pm-8pm. The exhibition was juried by Rebeka Rodriguez from Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

A group exhibition with:

Alden Enriquez
Shikha Hutchins
Salvador Perez
David Rogers
Lyola Rowe
Marilyn Roxie
Jacob Ruggles
Christina Rizos
Susan Luo
Meghan Brabant
Cody Lee
Maxx Ortiz
Marvin Hidalgo
Moira Chase
Chris Chigas
Kiana Endres
Nathan Byrne
Luna Gomez

Every cause has an effect and every effect becomes the cause of something else. The artists in this show bring the learning, relationships and experience of their time at SFSU to the work in this exhibition. These undergraduate years have provided space for each artist to be active agents in their own lives and to explore the images and stories that matter to them on their own terms. The glorious result is a show comprised of works that embrace a broad spectrum of human complexity including: self-protection, isolation, private and public spheres of violence, contradictions, love, playfulness and more. Almost 100 works were submitted for consideration; the chosen pieces span drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and video.

Curated by Rebeka Rodriguez

Video for DYR FASER – “Doorway to Nowhere”

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Music video for DYR FASER – “Doorway to Nowhere” by Marilyn Roxie

Made with pixivisor and Final Cut Pro X

Features Entropic Door by Scott Kiernan CC-BY

DYR FASER – “Doorway to nowhere”, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives