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Music Video for Neurotic Wreck – “The Rain”

Posted by on Aug 1, 2016 in Music Videos | 0 comments

A music video collage by Marilyn Roxie

Neurotic Wreck – “The Rain” from the 2016 album Glow Ghosts is available on Vulpiano Records

Listen to more at: and


Footage of Dan Wreck and Manchester CC-BY Marilyn Roxie 2015/2016

In order of appearance, all licensed Public Domain or Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY), as noted:

The Mascot by Ladislas Starewicz (Public Domain):

Unidentified Flowing Objects – BrainBlink041 by Don Whitaker (CC-BY):

The Sun by Malcolm Elijah (CC-BY):

Noah’s Ark by New World Productions (Public Domain):

Coronal Rain on the Sun by (CC-BY):

Waves on the shore by MGA Photography (CC-BY):

Interview by Rave and Roll Blog with Marilyn Roxie and Dan Wreck

Posted by on Jul 16, 2016 in Interviews, News | 0 comments

Anyone who has followed this blog over the years knows that I have a huge soft spot for 80s alternative music, synthesizers, musicians who think outside of the box, and sultry British voices. When Marilyn Roxie (founder/creator of net music label Vulpiano Records) asked me to review Neurotic Wreck’s latest compilation, I must say I hit the lottery on all counts.

Read more: 80s (and Sometimes 10s) Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/Bands ~ Neurotic Wreck | Rave and Roll Blog

VULPIANO RECORDS, Neurotic Wreck – Glow Ghosts (VULP-0084)

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tumblr_oa53awadJ21qaikyto1_500A Netlabel Day 2016 Special Release

I am very proud to offer the latest album from Neurotic Wreck on Vulpiano Records: Glow Ghosts. Glow Ghosts has a little bit of everything that sole force Dan Wreck behind the musical project has on offer – sultry synth pop, girl-group inspired broken heart anthems, and sweet acoustic crooning. Recommended if you like Gary Numan, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Durutti Column. Neurotic Wreck has two previous Vulpiano releases: Priceless, Bloody Priceless and I’m Laura Palmer.

Download or stream on Bandcamp – free or pay-what-you-want:

Internet Archive:

Free Music Archive:

Mirror on Mediafire:

Message from Dan Wreck:

Glow Ghosts is released for Marilyn Roxie’s Vulpiano Records on Net Label Day on 14/07/2016. This is released ahead of Sandalphon on Small Bear Records on the Autumnal Equinox in September. I hope Glow Ghosts haunt you wherever you go.


1. The Wakeup Call

2. Speak in My Voice

3. I’ll Always Care

4. Never Enough

5. After the Quiet Parts 1 and 2

6. Rune Cloud

7. Disconnect

8. One Skin Too Few

9. Our Circuitry

10. Change to Make

11. The Rain

12. Final Lullaby

13. Tell Me What to Swallow


Cover art credits:

Fonts are Monoton by Vernon Adams and Gladifilthefte by Tup Wanders

Cover art arranged by Marilyn Roxie, including IMGP4516 by Emmelie licensed CC-BY and image from page 283 of “Abhandlungen der Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft” (1854) licensed public domain via Internet Archive.

Neurotic Wreck: Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud

VULPIANO RECORDS, Natural Snow Buildings – Aldebaran (VULP-0083)

Posted by on Jul 16, 2016 in Music, News | 0 comments

LayoutA Netlabel Day 2016 Special Release

A virtual six disc, 25 track masterpiece from Natural Snow Buildings, following up from their previous Vulpiano Records installments The Night Country and 2010 Vulpiano exclusive The Centauri Agent. As towering as Daughter of Darkness, a favorite release of mine from their impressive catalog and what introduced me to NSB in the first place, I am incredibly pleased to offer Aldebaran to you as a Netlabel Day exclusive. The release also includes beautiful album artwork, giving a hint to the unearthly content within.

Download and stream on Internet Archive:

Free Music Archive:


FLAC download forthcoming!

Disc 1

1. The Green Monolith

2. The Never Dies

3. Unknown Tongues

4. The Blind

Disc 2

1. Horror in Clay

2. Sandy Cult

3. Providence’s High Priests

4. Carreta del Muerto

5. Algaes’ Figurines

Disc 3

1. 666 Devil Lane

2. Teen Psychics #2

3. “Go Kill Because I Told You So”

4. Stars Grove

5. Eusapia

Disc 4

1. Camp Lily Dale

2. The Summer Land

3. Abramelin

4. Burried Circles

5. Ectoplasm Rain

Disc 5

1. Cydonia

2. Tiny Kings of Kadath

3. Astral Plane Temple

Disc 6

1. God’s Fossil

2. Aldebaran, Cannibal Sun

3. The Drowned Curch

Recorded at home, Vitre, France between 2012 and 2014 – improvised on one track, live condition.

VULPIANO RECORDS, Taker 51 – Melanchordia (VULP-0082)

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A Netlabel Day 2016 Special Release

Taker 51′s Melanchordia is comprised of three beautiful ambient-acoustic, previously unreleased tracks. Peaceful, introspective, a little haunting – the perfect treat to celebrate Netlabel Day!

Taker 51 has previously released film soundtracks on Vulpiano Records as Raúl Díaz Palomar for Maqbara — the story of the Muslim community’s social and cultural impact in Avila, Spain in medieval times and the archeological unearthing of the Muslim cemetery, the maqbara, in 1999 —and Música Para Poder Contra Verdad, a documentary that tells the story of the Royal Cotton Factory in Avila and its subsequent destruction by fire.

Download or stream on Internet Archive:

Free Music Archive:

Mirror on Mediafire:


1. Onofre Outro (Intro)

– unreleased song from “Lorem Ipsum (2012)” sessions

2. Apocalypsis (2009 version)

– 2009 version of this song from “La Calma & La Tormenta (2006)”

3. Melanchordia

– unreleased song from “Pasajes (2004)” sessions

* Credits:

Raúl Díaz Palomar – everything

Oscar Miguel Campillo – cover picture


Taker 51 – Melanchordia

1. Onofre Outro (Intro)

– Tema inÈdito perteneciente a las grabaciones para “Lorem Ipsum (2012)”

2. Apocalypsis (2009 version)

– VersiÛn del 2009 del tema original perteneciente a “La Calma & La Tormenta (2006)”

3. Melanchordia

– Tema inÈdito perteneciente a las grabaciones para “Pasajes (2004)”

* CrÈditos:

Raúl Díaz Palomar – todo

Oscar Miguel Campillo – fotografÌa portada.

Taker 51: BandcampFacebook